Level 4: Create a Student

Step 1:  Click on the first blue button.  

Step 2:  Enter all the student information and select Save and continue.   Please select the KIDS ID not available if the KIDS ID is unknown at this time.  

Step 3:  Enter information and select Save and continue.  

Step 4:  To enter Student Relationship information click on the green button with the +.  You may hit Save and continue if not entering information here.  You can not select Save and continue if the page is expanded like the picture below.  You will need to click on the red button with the - sign and then Save and continue to move to the next page.

Step 5:  You may enter more than one Student Relationship for a student.  Click on the green button with the + sign to add another contact.  Save and continue when finished.  Select Primary Contact for the contact to show up on necessary forms for the student automatically.  

Step 6:  Select the providers you would like to have access to your student.  Save and Continue to finish creating your student.  

Step 7:  If you would like to add a picture of your student, click on Browse.  Select your picture, click on Open and then Create New Student.